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Need Help - RX580 8g Card Not Shoiwnig Memory


Please i need help. i recently purchased an rx580 card for mining, it load up on HiveOs but it doesn’t show the memory number like other cards. i have also flashed different BiOS on the card, but it still doesn’t work or even mine.

I have also loaded the card on window nothing yet,.

I have attached the GPU-Z details and the model of the card. The card shows rx570 on GPU-Z but the model number on the card shows rx 580

The card memoy is hynix


See card model

It’s likely a memory module, or memory controller died on the card. If a bios reflash didn’t solve it I’d bet on faulty hardware unfortunately.


How do i know that a controller memory is dead and can it be fixed

Find a repair shop that’s able to diagnose it if you aren’t able to/don’t have the tools needed to.

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