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Need Help please

Hello, i am pretty new and tried to play around with the overclock settings of my rtx 3080.
Long story short, i put my memmory clock on 6000 mhz, core clock -400, watt 400. i turned on auto turn off on 72 grad. after applying this settings the pc rebootet after a few seconds.

but up until now i can’t get to the firefox browser on the rig. after the boot sequenze i only have black screen.

I mine on HiveOS no windows. My Laptop says the card is offline Did i damage my rtx3080?

Please help me, if you can help me fix my problem i can send you a little reward to your wallet.

HiveON problem

Does video come out in your rig?

Or do you just see it remotely?

Because it’s probably an api bug.
to go discarding check the rig, if you get any error on the screen

6000 memory.? Holy crap, thats GPU murder…lol
Do 1060 core
2275 memory
And power limit 0

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