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Need Help please - Unable to mine after new card install

Just installed a new RTX 3080 into the rig. I have tested both RTX 3080’s and PhoenixMiner starts up with no issues with just the two 3080s. Once I power up and plug in all gpu’s, I get a mass amount of errors in PhoenixMiner and mining never starts. I triple-checked all cables, everything is plugged in fine, hardware is all good as I have used every piece of equipment prior to both RTX 3080’s in the rig with no issues.

I’ve updated the ASRock bios to the latest, PCIe on both Gen1 and Gen2 did nothing, 4G decoding is enabled, updated HiveOS and NVIDIA drivers (455, 460, and 465). I have both molex ports on the mobo powered via PCIe perif plug.

Any help is greatly appreciated. I am at a loss of what to do. Pictures are below of what I see on my end.

This is my rig currently

This was my rig a few days ago prior to 2nd RTX 3080

What HiveOS is displaying with all 8 GPU’s

If you remove the one you added, does it go back to working correctly?

I can remove all, but only tested with both 3080s plugged in and the miner starts as expected and mines. Only running 1 1000w psu btw.

you were using 818w before adding the other 3080

That’s what I’m assuming is there is not enough power, powering ALL components. I just ordered another 1000w PSU. I have two psu’s but my second one is a 750w off brand and some components plugged into it power in for a few seconds then power off.

Do you have your two power supplies connected with something like this?
(not promoting this particular one)

Molex are not to be used to power GPUs, dont use them they will melt

Risers are powered via PCIe, its the molex ports on the motherboard I was referring to.

I do have a splitter, however, my second psu is some off brand/China made one from 8+ years ago. I have another EVGA 1000w PSU on order that I will need to test in the rig with the splitter. I believe this is the issue where I’m just drawing too much power for one PSU to handle as 6 cards runs about 800w normal.

You need additional PSU because 1000w PSU can supply 800w of power and you cards are already 800 but there is another 150 for mobo cpu and other stuff needed.

I think you need the splitter. I have two PSU and the second psu didn’t work until I used the splitter. The splitter “connects” to the motherboard which the PSU needs in order to turn the power on.

Yes, I do have the PSU splitter, however, its the second PSU that is a cheap/off brand one from 8+ years ago. I have another 1000w EVGA coming this week that “should” work and resolve the issue. Thank you for your response.

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Hi bluemixer8, did this finally end up well?

Same thing happened to me with AMD cards. I had to take all cards off the mobo and install them one by one again! And pls NO overclocking at all at the beginning. Took me 5h but afterwards everything was fine

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