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Need help :( overclocking stuck! rtx 3080

Hey guys,

I’m having a problem. I got up to 98/99 MH/s. Phoenix miner on Hive pool with RTX 3080. Used Aorus Engine to overclock. But then I got MSI Afterburner because I always hear it’s better. Now I don’t know what happened but whichever I use, I can’t budge the mining from 86MH/s or below and it won’t go above 220w. I’ve uninstalled both overclocking programs and reinstalled them (separetely, together, one after the other). No overclocking settings at all are changing my MH/s or the wattage. Unless I change the fan power. If I lower it, then the temperature goes from 50 to 55C and above and the MH/s drops down to 75-70…

I’m not an expert, obviously, does anyone have any ideas on what could be happening? There must be some sort of setting or profile stuck right? Any ideas? I’ve even gone into the device manager and uninstalled the GPU and let windows reinstall it with the drivers. Nothing…

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Hi IggyJD,

For what the programs are doing is a mystery so maybe a screenshot of the settings would be helpful.

But for the temps, Gigabyte cards with GDDR6X what the RTX 3080 and 3090 are using, use really poor quality thermal pads and because those also get too hot with the extra heat of the components that surround them and then thermal throttle. so on Youtube or tutorials online you could do a thermal pad replacement or as a temporary solution, you could point a fan at the back of the card.

Hi ! I have the same problem, did you find anything for solved it ?

Hey Snick!

So, I found that the problem wasn’t the overclocking softwares that I was using but the factory issue thermal pads I had in the GPU. What I did was take my GPUs apart, clean up the oil with isopropyl alcohol, remove the cooling pads, remove the thermal paste from the GPU’s CPU and replace everything. Then I got my GPUs up to 101 MH/s.

I recommend Thermalright pads, really good. The problem is you’ll have to know the thickness of the thermal pads you need to replace, so you can either take your GPU apart and measure them with a ruler, or buy a variety of pad thicknesses and compare them side by side. Also get a good thermal paste, Grizzly kicks ass.

Then use MSI and take your sweet Time to slowly push the GPU bit by bit ‘til you get the max out of it.

Check online for a breakdown or disassembly video or your specific CPU and get the right tools (and a static electricity band) and you should be set :slight_smile:

I also keep my case open when it’s hot…

Really hope it helps! Let me know how it went or if I can give more advice. Not an expert but if I can help with something let me know.


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