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Need help on How to swith to come back to the last version of the OS?

My 2 rigs (1 of 1070 and 1 of 1080ti) were working properly since a couple of months now. Sometime I use to make the soft upgrade.

Today I upgraded both of them to the [email protected]

Strait after the upgrade, I had issues on the 1080ti with message saying : GPU driver error, no temps, etc. After several reboot (automatical or not), it started to mine. But the Hasrate went from : 320MH to 219MH (I am mining ETH)

For each card, before I had : 53.33MH ; 52.98; 53.14; 52.97; 52.89 and 53.19

After : 36.64 ; 36.65; 36.63 ; 24.42 ; 36.62

How is it possible to go back to the previous version of the OS ? :worried: (I have no copy :disappointed: :disappointed: :disappointed: )

After 2h, it came back to approximatively the same Hasrate (52.83 53.09 53.24 52.31 51.08 53.16). But the temperature climbed.

It was : 60 65 61 62 61 61

Now it is : 67 72 65 68 67 67


Now again a card is lost …

So, as a conclusion, the version 0.6-06 doesn’t work for me (rig with 6x1080Ti)

If the same thing happen to someone else, to downgrade there is the solution to type : (in the below the 0.6-0.3 should be replaced by the last known working version)

apt-get install -y --allow-downgrades hive=0.6-03

and now lets see how long it will work.