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Need help on 3060 ti LHR RVN OC


Anybody have oc for 3060 ti lhr for RVN?
I couldn’t get stable MH which jump up and down between 21 - 22 MH.
My oc is 100, 2000, 145pl
3060 ti LHR Hynix GDDR6

Thank you

colorful 3060ti ultra LHR config:
clock: 1400 memory: 2350 fan: 80
it can be 30.5m and 170W for RVN

but power limit not work, anybody can help me?

Core clock - 1500
Memory clcok - 2700
PL - 170


31 mh/s RVN

3060 ti lhr

Thanks for sharing, just got my EVGA 3060Ti LHR Ultra running after several driver update attempts. Here’s what I’m getting now, I’ll try above settings and switch to Nanominer.

I wasn’t able to get 2700 to work, it crashed on me, but here are results, so this is a 13MH improvement going to nanominer

LHR, Hynix memory :frowning:


This is very nice! I hope I can get this same result! I would be happy!

My problem is that if I set any MEM oc my rig will freez. I mean it goes offline. The UI freezes also. I can move the mouse but that’s it. I tried 1500 for a test and does this. :frowning:
I’m using the same cards as you (3060TI LHR). Same driver, same miner. What should I check?
(Without OC I get 25MH/card. This is stable. It ran for more then a day. 13 cards. 1 invalid all together. Your 28.8 is 15% better. I would very much like to get those.)
And your temp looks great! Do you have a lot of fans? For the 25MH I see 90-95% fans and 70-80 c temps which is very bad! :frowning:

Try these settings without setting the core speed. The computer is located in a room with a constant temperature of 21 degrees C, and the computer has a fan that blows at the bottom and an exhaust fan under the power supply.

strange difference between my setup and what nvtool shows

Was having a problem with a new 3060ti where i applied the OC listed here and my Load Average would shoot up to where it would crash the whole rig. Ended up being able to run the 3060 ti w/ 0 0 OC and then bump it up. got to

and up to >27Mh on RVN

I cant use this LHR card above 1900mhz on mem. Every time I do the hashrate starts drop until it crashes.
I feel there is some limitation on this algo too
my settings on t-rex on rvn:

I have bigger problems: a cannot go above 1300mhz for mem (!) because is crashes. :frowning:

MSI 3060TI?

Try +100, +1150, pw 163w

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Thanks! I played around a bit and this is stable for me:

What do you think?

Thanks! This helped a lot!

I got to 27.3 MH/s with +100 +1250 PL 170

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