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Need advice. Got 6 5700xt, dual memory, 6 5600xts

I bought 6 xfx 5700xt Raw II gpus from bestbuy, not my first choice, but they were the only ones in stock. They have 4gb of micron and 4gb of samsung. I can not get them over 900mhz stable with normal 1550 straps. I also have 6 xfx 5600xt raw II 4 of them have micron and are great, but the 2 that have pure samsung will not let me adjust bios at all, bricks card everytime. Thankfully I can unbrick them easily. I copied the 1550 straps for both memory types in the 5700xts, and they all work. With the 5600xts, they wont flash. I unlocked the rom and tried it on bios switch 1 and 2 on all the samsung cards. No luck, these are my current hashrate and wattage. All set to 900mhz mem clock. Are these any good?.

To get the 4 micron 5600xts to flash, I had to overwrite the xfx bios with the redpanda msi 5600xt bios. Got me an extra 4.5 mhs. Was wondering if anyone on here would be interested in looking at my bios for each the 5700xt and 5600xt? All 6 5700xt have same dual memory types.

I get the same results with the samsung 5600xt. They seem to be more energy efficient compares to micron though.

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