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NBminer and Claymore clashing

I have 7 1070s and 1 rx570 on my rig. I have the arguments that point my rx570 to claymore for ethereum and the arguments that point my 1070s towards nbminer for grin, per the gpu numbers on my overview page. For some reason the rig identifies the 570 has gpu 0 and also the first 1070 as gpu 0 so they clash and the nbminer shutdowns every three or four minutes and restarts. is there something i am missing to further separate these cards? thanks in advance!

Almost all miners when start mining counts GPU from 0.
You can divide your cards in a rig by platform for example since NBminer it’s only CUDA miner so you can add option to Claymore to mine only at AMD platform and it’s auto select your RX card
From Claymore’s manual

selects GPUs manufacturer. 1 - use AMD GPUs only. 2 - use NVIDIA GPUs only. 3 - use both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs. Default value is “3”.

Or you can use number of your RX card before start mine using -di option.

hey, thanks for the reply. I tried running the platform 1 for my claymore and for some reason my nbminer is still restarting every five minutes or so. any other suggestions? i feel like it isnt good for the rig if the miner is restarting itself so often. again, thank you and i appreciate your time!