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Nbminer 39.7 3080TI only 59 MH

Found the updated Bios for the 12G-P5-3953-KR card on Techpowerup and wondering if I can just flash it to my GPU via HiveOS?

Dear fanjo ,
It’s Orginal bios ,

Yes you can bios update on HiveOS. First stop mining.


Hey Guys,
I’m having the same issue, i thought it was because of my old motherboard ( from 2014), but I changed it today for my PC Motherboard, and nothing…
The oc’s isn’t too aggressive, but is very low.

What’s interesting is that you have Gigabyte cards at 61/62 MH… similar to my MSI at 59

Maybe some better LHR with newer cards??!

Did you try upgrade the Gpu Driver? I’ll probably upgrade mine rn to check
I saw in another post, ppl getting 90mhs on 3080 ti LHR :rage:

Can you try
lock clock: 1650
memory clock: 1700
miner command
“lhr-mode”: “1” (default value)

Tried the OC you told, but still dont working.
idk maybe is the new LHR…

can you try memory oc “0”
lock clock: 1650
memory : 0

I spend 8 hours to play with that- Gigabyte 3080ti LHR NBminer. I updated nvidia drivers, hiveOS everything. Tried all type of OC, nothing worked. In the end of the day i just set 73.5 LHR unlock static with mode 1 and the gpu flied away to 88-89 stable MH/S.
My OC on the card is core: 0 , mem :2600, PL: 290, but that is not the optimal values still have to work on that OC.
You are welcome :wink:

Tried this OC to test, but still fluctuating the hashs…

I got this erro rn, when I was testing.
GPU 0 is the 3080TI

2600 is too high for some cards. better to test step by step for best value

i have 2 suprim x but, i have 2 diffrent overclock settings,

if GPU4 1800+ memory overclock, decreasing mh.
if GPU5 2400+ memory overclock computer freeze, some times can restart some times freeze wait.
Not all settings apply to all cards.

i understand, but i would still try without CoreClock :wink: but ye silicon lottery is a shitty thing :smiley: i’m just suggeting.

yes true silicon lottery

T-Rex Miner, EVGA RTX 3080Ti FTW3 ULTRA.

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Hi there, did you try the VBIOS upgrade from hiveos directly? if so, anything to recommend?

Haven’t had the guts to yet no…

Have an old PC that I put a new PSU in last night to try the evga Precision X1/windows 10 way first I think.