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NB miner error code 11 with AMD cards

NBminer (latest version) is working fine on all my nvidia gpus but all of a sudden it will not start up on any amd card, my 6800xt, just crashes the miner with error code 11.

i have tried previous versions
updated hiveos

oddly, the last time this happened i re-flashed my hiveos usb and everything worked again…for 2 weeks, now its crashed again!.

can you post a screenshot of your worker overview screen with OCs?

from mucking round all afternoon i think this has something to do with a bad rx5700 i had in this rig
today it completly won’t be detected anymore, after re-imaging hiveos again - the 6800xt is mining fine again.

the rx5700 appears to be dead, the fan spins, but it can’t be detected. i tried another mainboard, same thing, not detected.

it seems to be dead…it had been running hot for a while. but not extremely hot, like 68-70 hot, so it seems weird it would just die, as i got it in 2019. it is the founders oem edition with only one fan and always ran hot when mining.

any ideas, is the card fixable? i’ve been googling how to repair a rx5700 but it looks complicated, might just sell it to someone that knows how to repair these cards and cut my losses.

That would def do it, you can try that card by itself with new power cables and directly on the motherboard and see if display output works at all, if it doesn’t, you can try booting in maintenance mode in hive, and reflashing a stock bios if it’s detected at all.

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