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Nanominer - low hashrate RX 580 4GB


I’m using latest version of hiveos. Currently I am mining RVN at RX 580 (4 GB). Usign TeamRedMiner and overclocked card (1050/2000) I’m getting around 14 MH/s per card. I wanted to try latest update of NanoMiner to setup dual mining RVN + ZIL . However, with just RVN setup , I got not more then 10 MH/s on card. Why there is so much diffrence? Is there anything more to setup to get similar hashrate like on TeamRedMiner. I will appreciate any help .

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Same question (and hashrates) here!

Just imagine that the developers of TeamRedMiner are the best developers of miners for AMD cards. You just have to choose what is more profitable for you - to mine Ravencoin by TRM or mine by nanominer RVN + ZIL.

I will stay with TRM and wait until developers add dual mining mode RVN + ZIL .

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