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N/A hashrate for RVN only, No overclocks on Tuning, Template, or Cards

I’m currently using 8 470’s, mining ETH it works fine. Mining RVN with 2Miners, Ravenminer on NBMiner, Ethminer, TeamRedMiner and LolMiner. Been showing N/A Hashrate. Tried switching from West to East or EU for servers (if applicable).

dont run them with no clocks/voltages set. thats like driving your car on the highway and leaving it in first gear. use teamredminer and look and see what its saying in the miner console, any errors, connection issues etc.

The reason for no settings was because that’s what I read on one of these topics but that was posted in 2018 I think? Also how do I go about seeing what the console says?

go to the shell, either with hive remote shell, shellinabox, vnc, locally with a monitor and keyboard etc and type miner

Sounds good, I shall try that after work!

It said "Authorize failed, {“error”:[20,“Invalid address”,null]}

I figured it out, I had the wrong wallet address on there. Thank you for telling me Shell otherwise I wouldn’t have guessed

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