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N/A error pls help!

Helppppp na problem :cry:

need more info


riser changed, sata cables changed. hive os updated, nvidia driver updated. problem N/a sometimes after 5 minutes sometimes after 5 hours the cards drop. Oc settings are at minimum level. what’s the problem i’m going crazy :((

I can’t upload pictures because I’m new to the site.

I am in a difficult situation. help please :sweat:

What’s the miner console say when it’s showing n/a?

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No error And reboot :frowning:

We are trying to solve the problem with my friends in Turkey. Everyone is confused, we are 100 people in our Telegram group, no one could understand…

Can you post some screenshots? I bumped up your profiles trust level so you should be able to post them now, if you can’t let me know

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Can you show the overclocks/voltages? Is it always the rx580? What does the miner show in the console?

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glitches, sometimes 580, sometimes 6600, sometimes 3070 ti,

clocks all look good. have you opened the miner in the console?

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No error :frowning:

console didn’t give an error either just N/a

dag file on each builds fine, just doesnt get any hashrate?

no, there is no error in the console dag is installed successfully. all it does is N/a and the excavation stops.

do you have a solution?

Worked 8 hours yesterday. I woke up in the morning it was n/a.