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N/a error & dont work rig

Good time
My rig has been giving n/a error since 12 hours ago and is not working
please guide me

open the miner in hive shell. It might give you a better idea of why it crashed

Thanks for the guidance
I got the error:

hssh start (failed, exitcode=1)
to do shell

that is above my paygrade, you will need to ask @keaton_hiveon

Just make sure the rig is running. Do you see a wifi alert sign next to the rig name? You could connect a monitor directly to see what it is doing

Rig is working
wifi is ok
Graphics are working
But it does not have a hash rate

Try another miner and see if that’s the issue. Check what the miner is saying in the shell, you can use shellinabox if on the same network, or with a keyboard and monitor from the rig itself.

If hive remote shell fails to work you can reflash the latest stable hive image and try again

thank you
It is currently working
But it will happen again

Open in shell and see what it says when it stops working

next time

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