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My wallet etherium adress

My wallet address is etherium. In the hiveos pool settings, the polygon was marked by mistake. hiveos 0.2 etherium was sent to the registered etherium polygon address. The address sent is etherium address not polygon address. how do i fix this. my etherim wallet adresim 0x6a973f3b440f7223a4db06a331c846a93d90409a Address 0x6a973f3b440f7223a4db06a331c846a93d90409a | Etherscan
this is the outgoing polygon address
Wrapped Ether (WETH) Token Tracker | PolygonScan

please help me

Do you have the keys to this wallet? Or is it a custodial address?(exchange or similar)

the operation went through, you just checked the wrong place

You probably need to setup your wallet to see the weth there? You won’t see these transactions, since they occured on the polygon network and not eth mainnet