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My wallet balance doesn't update

My rig is currently mining, but my wallet balance doesn’t change at all. is there anything I should be doing? or does it take some time.

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У меня то же самое не могу найти ответ ???

I just started on HiveOS and have the same issue, if my balance says pending how will i know if my wallet is linked properly? Also, how often does HiveOS payout? I only have 4 GPU’s for now.

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I have the same problem. The unpaid balance on three wallets that are linked to Nanopool and f2pool which are both officially supported by the “Fetch Wallet Balance” feature on HIVEOS have not updated since enabling the feature and just show a blank amount. I would be good if the developers could look into this or if anyone has a work around to get this feature working.

I should mention that all wallets are confirmed to be correct as I have been using them for mining and received pay outs.