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My vega 56 mine at only 36.71 mhash

i bought this card expecting from 43 to 47 mhash, i flashed the bios through hiveos website but mining power remained the same, do you think i have to change miner? i am using team red

Just do it and you will see. It will take 2min for miner max.

i changed miner and it wont work, at the moment the card dont work anymroe

Nobody (except prophet) cant help you if you don’t share more info/screenshot.

i cant share u nothing with u unfortunately since the graphic card is not even working anymore, i tried to flash the bios and now there is no way the card can mines so i dunno what to do at this point, it works in other computer what do u suggest to do? i tried any miner in the list and none is working, when is working only the 580 mines at 30 megahash who still good but the other card the vega doesnt mine

as u can see there is no movement in both cards

Flightsheet screenshot, miner output screenshot?

i tried to use multiple types of miners but they wont work and if they works only the 2 580 mines at 30 megahash the vega wont work

i dont really know how payout works i recently received my firsts ethereum classic coins, they are easy to mine, i would also like to know how can i mine Ethereum, if they are worth to be mined with low hashrate… currently i have 100 megahash… i still didnt understand if pools payout after 24 hours whatever u mined or simply u have to reach a target before getting paid… how it works?

many thanks

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