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My rx 580 keeps crashing and sometime give black screen in mining

hello everyone first thing i tell you My English is very bad
MY XFX rx 580 micron chip card is crashing on mining and some time give black screen
how can i do for stop this and he give
i try all oc setting but i am loose please help me for get out of this problem . thank you

Problem Are Fixed THANK YOU Kenshinji


Do you have Modded your bios rom? IF you have modded, can you share?
If you have not modded, can you screen your Hiveos with OC & Card.

Maybe i can help you if you contact me to telegram @kenshinji59

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how to check my card bios is Modded or not?

problem fixed thank you brother (Kenshinji)

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Any chance you could talk about 580’s? I have 3 XFX modded gpus im having issues with. I can’t even get 31 per card and even a little below that my rig just blanks out on hive os and I can’t see the stats anymore. Also, on reboot my cards disappear and it take a couple reboots to get them back to where I can see them. My telegram is @YeezyV2 thanks if you can :+1:

Hello all, I’m in the same (or almost the same) boat.
My RX 580 crashes HiveOS the moment the drivers are loaded.
BIOS is not modified, the card works OK on the same machine under Windows.
Cannot find any idea, you guys seem to have corrected a similar problem.
Can you share?

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