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My RTX 3060 Ti working but no

Im trying to run my rig with 5 gpus: 2 amd and 3 nvidia > 1x rx 5600, 1x 5700, 1x rtx 3080 and 2x rtx 3060…

as you can see in the pic below, my drriivers are updated. i dont know what else i can do

You can try updating to nvidia driver 460 to see if that fixes the problem.

Make sure that you have a miner that supports both, or use two separate miners. Personally, I recommend using T-Rex Miner & TeamRedMiner for Nvidia / AMD respectively. You can also use lolMiner, or PhoenixMiner if you insist.

Check to make sure that the riser isn’t faulty, and that cables are seated properly.

Ill 2nd what itsZeroDay said. My six 3060ti FEs also find T-rex much more stable than Phoenix miner.
I am also running nvidia v460.32.03 drivers. 60.13mhs - Fan 0, Core -500, mem 2100, 130w

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