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My rig keeps going offline at random times with no error messages

I have a rig with X5 GPU (AMD) and it is constantly going offline with no error messages around 10-16 hours after booting up, can any one tell me why, thank you

Que the tribe of people telling you to check risers :laughing: :rofl:

still trying to find a way of figuring that out myself, seams like reading logs in hiveos is a secret. not posted. i bet you noticed “activity” tab was completely useless huh?

what i could suggest is to turn on hashrate watchdog.
also to use the shellinabox link to login and view the miners status.

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:joy::joy: ive messed around with my risers there is no error messages and my wifi is strong and stable I’ve run tests, I have now got my watchdog on and downgraded to 0.6-202@210608 as I was on the latest version hopefully this will help, thank you for your reply.


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