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My rig keeps crashing maybe over clock settings?

my rig keeps crashing

below is the things I have done so far
1- up dated gpu drivers.
2-check all pcie if they are working
3- re-installed hivos
4- changed from lol mining flight sheet to trek
5- reset my bios
6-my powe supply working fine

GPU driver error this is the error message I’m getting

The only thing I think its making the rig crash is over clock settings.

my over clock settings for my 7 gpu as the following

6 gpu 3090 settings
5 are evga and 1 is asus tuf
core 1100 MEM: 2300 power: 320
I also tried
core 1175 MEM 1900 power 320

1gpu 3070 ti asus tuf

core 900 MEM: 2400 power: 190

Also is there away to know what gpu need attention when worker is yellow color

Click on the gpu driver error, and reduce the mem clock on the card in the error. Repeat until stable

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