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My RIG is Offline

My rig is not showing online, it was mining fine until we had a power outage.
I do not have much experience in this so the only thing I have been able to do is check cables and restart several times but I do not know what else I can do, I do not have a monitor connected to it to see more information. My internet connection is ok. Help Please
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plug a monitor into it and see if its posting or has any errors etc.

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could not connect a monitor but I noticed that the green ethernet light is not flashing, only the yellow light is flashing. I don’t know if that helps to know what might be going on while I connect the monitor.

Right led is for activity, if it’s not on that means no data is being transferred

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thanks for the answers, I had given up until I got a monitor to connect it, but to my surprise, after almost a month of not trying anything, I found that the rig is working correctly without having done anything.

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