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My PSU keep shutting down

Hi, I have a 3 psu mining rig, each 800 w PSU supports 4 1660 ti gpu, it has been running perfectly but recently one of these 3 psu’s keep shutting down.
At the beginning I thought it was a PSU problem as it was always the same one, and in order to restart it I had to unplugged it completely, so I replaced it by another one (same model). But it kept shutting down, same 4 gpus, I got some electrician to analyze it and he thought it was the bridge on the psu, we replace it with a better quality one but today it shut down again.
Has any of you have had some sort of similar problem? or does any of you have any idea of what could it be?
Note: It shuts down without any warning or reported problem, and the other psus are the same model but doesn’t have this problem.
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

try swapping the psus around and if the same one keeps failing, replace it