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?🚦 My payout 🚦?

Hi, I have 1 rig with 4 gpu amd 6700x and hashrate is between 170-180
Mining ethereum

Before I get 0.01 per Day, now it’s too low
What’s happening? Why this algorithm are like this? Check the photo

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Same thing here.

Before May 28 I used to reach the 0.1 ETH payout limit in 11-12 days.
Now I’m at day 17 and only at 0.095 ETH…

There was no change in my hashrates. And see no big jump in difficulty either.

Hi! I know why this is happened!
Ho to ethminig website and write your wallet number to see your payouts
There is 4 option (dashboard, payouts, settings, help desk)

Go to setting
And then go to payment method

There you will see new update for payment method, you can get once per month or every day if your payouts is over 0.005

You have to change settings in meta mask

Sorry my English bro!

its the mining difficulty or reward block decrease.

the network difficulty isnt the only factor that affects miner’s reward.
eversince the crash we’ve been seeing a constant 2 - 2.2 eth reward block compared to previous 5-6 eth. So yeah, EIP 1559 hasn’t been active yet, expect lower returns.

You can also see lots of people selling their cards looming for the eth mining going dead at the end of the year.

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