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My OC Settings?

Hi folks!!
I’ve seen quite a few questions posted around here about OC settings for the same cards I have… I thought I would post my settings since I haven’t seen any that resulted in the same MH as I am getting now…
Only the 570 MSI has been modded because I was trying to get the temps down, but even after replacing the thermal paste and pads - the temp remains high…
I am dual mining ETH and Zil and also DOGE intermittently and automatically… Seems to be working very well for me and extremely stable with 0 stale shares and 0 ‘dead’ cards reported. You can see from this screencap taken today, my uptime gas been over a day. Only rebooted to install the latest HiveOS patch…
Anyone see issues with my settings? Are they decent? Lemme know!!

nothing? no interest? old news? ah well… :worried:

you can lower your wattage a little bit by modding your bios and enabling aggressive undervolting

and for dual mining eth + zil you can use team red miner so you can use hiveon pool as a proxy pool with ezil pool to avoid eth pool fees

And you can avoid using MVDD because it affects only navi cards