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My hiveos is showing “zzz” sign

Hey so my hiveos is showing zzz sign, not sure how to fix it, tried restarting the rig but no luck.

PFA pictures & suggest a remedy to it

try another pool server, or if you have another internet connection to test with

At the moment i am using ethermine, which one do you recommend i switch to

your pool is fine, im saying choose another server to see if your issue is between you and the server youre on

Ok so i changed it to flexpool and all of a sudden it started working. Later i switched back to ethermine and it gave the same error. Now i am permanently on fkexpool, no issues yet

Interesting - So you think the pool or latency (ping time between your rigs and it) is the issue?

Ive been frustrated by this ZZZzz low-hash rate notification? Ive read a few posts, and found no resolutions. Some blame the pool you are mining to. Some blame the GPU OC. Some blame the network speed or latency.

I personally have no share errors when this happens. My pools (2Miners ETC, 2Miners ETC, Icemining TOnCoin, ZergPool VRSC) all deliver the coins to my wallets properly too …

Frustrated with this, and wished HiveOS did a better job at describing the cause of the error.

I will try lowering my watchdog hash rate values which monitor/restart the miner/rig, to see if that helps.

Could it have something to do with higher pool difficulties and older GPU’s?

I will also try other ETH and ETC pools …

Try other miner… if continues then is your hardware…

I had this issue found the fix was to spread my power load out better.