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My hashrate is low to 45mh in my card

I am using Evga RTX 3070 LHR, and my hashrate is 45mh. I see others that have the same card with the same brand and their hashrate is 60mh. I have 470.86 drivers, I do not know if I have to downgrade my drivers. I am using fan: 70, Core: 1100, Mem: 2400, power limit: 120. I am using HIveOS version: [email protected] and using T-rex. any help please? I will appreciate

Did you not see the lhr logo on your box?

That’s a dumb question. Read the comment I post one more time if you want.

No one is getting 60mh on lhr 3070s. Non lhr will do that. Lhr won’t.

Lhr means lite hash rate. Research is best done before buying cards

Negative, but thank you for your comment.

You’re looking at non lhr hashrates comparing them to your lhr hashrate. Lhr is only unlocked 75% at the current time, which is why you get 45mh. That’s normal.