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My GTX 1060 6GB is idle @ 139MHz

Hi guys,

help please :confused: power connection is good i checked everything physical.
is there anyway i can fix this problem ?
this card is getting a hash of 3.113 MH/s
OC makes no difference

Anyone run into this problem before? I found on some forums that it’s a power issue but how can I know?


Hey I think I have the same issue.
How many gpu do you have?
Are you mining on a rig?
What is the motherboard?

@doomeur Thanks for your reply!
i currently have 3 GTX 1060 6GB, 2 Gigabyte (one has hynix mem one micron) are working just fine, and the faulty one is PNY with a samsung memory

yes i set up a small rig with hiveos obviously,


Z370 SLI PLUS (MS-7B46) Micro-Star International Co., Ltd. (A.10 10/27/2017)


12 × Intel® Core™ i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz AES

Disk Model

Kingston DataTraveler 3.0 30.9GB

I have a similar issue, stuck at 9mh/s.

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i took the GPU to a local hardware store, they checked it and said that the gpu unit is faulty, so i guess it’s bricked :frowning:
could’nt find a solution for it.

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