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My gpus wont show up anymore

Hey can anyone help me identfy the problem with the rig?
tried to start everything new, checked the cables etc. It worked for weeks fine. I were on holiday and when I came back it show up as offline

you’re on an old hive image, so i would start with flashing the latest stable image. you need to troubleshoot the rig.
is it turning on?
is it booting into hive?
is it getting an ip address?

I will flash the new version onto it and will start from there if anything changes.
The rig appears to be startable. How can I see if it boots properly and where do find out if it gets a ip adress?

Plug a display into it, see what it says, run net-test If it boots into hive and doesn’t connect and post the result here

While having my 3060 ti attached to the rig it freezes there, if disconnected everything works fine.
One time only it booted and it did not freezed there but froze the line after that with: A START JOB IS RUNNING FOR HIVE( 17 / no limit

Is the gpu broken?

Can you drive a display off that gpu?

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