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My gpu not shown in hiveos but motherboard work well ? Can anyone tell me what the issue?

My gpu rx 580 connected with motherboard but hiveos not show the gpu.

can yo show your worker overview screen from the web ui? is this monitor hooked to that gpu?

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Hiveos show rig offline but the gpu is on or working. What is the issue that they show it offline ?

possible your connection to the api server was lost. you can run net-test from the rig to see

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After net-test this can apper and api server was lost so how i can resolve it ?

youd have tto look at your network/firewall settings. you can try changing your api server to another on that list that has a decent connection

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Can you ask me to change internet connection or change setting of firewall in hiveos ?

firewall settings would be on your network(router/isp etc), not in hiveos. you can change your api server in hiveos to see if that helps like i mentioned

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Ok, Thanks

:speech_balloon: hassan124 farm/Eth Worker 1: Error installing hive-miners-phoenixminer

Now this message is appear what to do now ?

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