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My GPU is not getting detected on hiveOS

Can u help me guys?

Are the “not detected” and the (1) detected and mining GPUs all the same 8GB 3060 Ti’s?

If so, not drivers, but BIOS settings, risers, adapters, cables, and power checks.

Yes are the same 3060 Ti, its all ready checked, idk what to do

Have you tried, (2) vs. all (12) of them?

Much easier to troubleshoot and eliminate issues.

Which Motherboard are you using here? Post this view:

Yes i tried.

There you have:

First, consider reducing your overclocks to “Low” while you are troubleshooting:

Second, get back down to (2) GPUs while troubleshooting.

Ok i will do, thanks.

Minimize the amount of variables, test one card at a time, one riser at a time, if all work, slowly add one card at a time to the rig until you have an issue.

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