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My friend has a 1660 with Hynix memory, can anyone help with good configs for that?

my friend wants to try mining with his 1660 (normal version) problem is, he has Hynix memory unfortunly, even tough it can’t reach the normal 26 mh/s that other normal 1660 could get he should be able to at least get 24, yet he can’t even touch 20, we tried different configs but anything gets even close to 20.
I looked online for a bunch of configs but its all for 1660s or 1660ti.
If anyone has good settings pls help us out.


Just search it’s been covered a lot

but answer is
PL 70
Core -4002
RAM -1004

You can play around with the core -100 to -600 but you must leave the RAM at -1004

is is the same for 1660 normal ?

it all depends on RAM type not version

Try fixed core of 770, gives me better power consumption.

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