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My Experience with Asrock RX 570 8GB - OC and tunning

Hi guys, just to share my experience with Asrock RX 570 8GB with samsung memory.

My PC ( its not a rig with 1 card :smiley: ) is:
ALiveNF5SLI-1394 (P1.50 04/09/2008)
4 × AMD Phenom™ 9550 Quad-Core Processor
so i am using Asrock RX 570 8GB mining ETH with teamredminer.
i am getting 29.27MH/s without bios moding just OC!
this is the mining result from the screen:

These are the OC settings :slight_smile:

Memory Controller Voltage is 800
amdmemtweak --REF 200 setting used.


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An update.

Polaris bios editor and ubermix 3.2 for samsung.
I use 1168 core clock, 860 core voltage, 800 memory controler voltage, 2100 memory clock. - ref 35, aggressive undervolting on. I get 32.22 MHS.

I have the same board but I can’t get it to give me more than 26.5mhs, is there any other configuration that you have made?

Its all about the gpu. Did you bios mod it?
I am making now 32.22 with my card

Can you send me you BIOS ? I only ger 26

You should bios mod your bios. Mine might not be suitable for your card. Download your bios from the gpu and mod it with polaris bios mod

Please send me your BIOS. I have an ASRock rx 570 Samsung. I need the configuración / BIOS

Tomorrow i will send it and OC settings

here it is

i am currently using the following settings:
Core clock 1168
Core voltage 865
Memory controller voltage 800
Memory clock 2150
Aggressive undervolting ON
amdmemtweak --REF 20

i had been trying to mod the bios of my asrock rx 570 8gb but kept getting errors everytime i started to mine, decided to give it one more chance with your bios modded file since you uploaded and it’s the same card and now it’s working perfectly, it went from 26.5 MHS to 31.5 MHS. Thank you!

hola, la tenes con bios mod o la dejaste con el bios original? que OC pusiste?

Hi! Thanks the bios working good!!! What do you think, this bios working on same card just whit hynix memory? Thx!

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