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My eth0 (ethernet adapter) seems gone

Hi there,

So I got that rig up and running for over a week.

I initially set it up with wifi (used SSID/pass credentials on the conf file ahead of flashing)

Worked brilliantly over wifi, but since I have moved the rig into the attic, I now wanted to shift it to Ethernet to lower the slate share rate.

I’m bringing Ethernet over Power line carrier, but it will keep using wifi.

I have done the turn off rig, unplug ethernet, turn back on and plug ethernet once fully started. No help. It keeps using wifi
There is like the green led still and the orange one flashing on the motherboard ethernet port though
The Ethernet chip is a classic Realtek 8111D/E chip on a Gigabyte GA-870A-UD3
I have tested that Ethernet cable with my laptop, it receives Internet over it.

While doing the ifconfig, I can see a wlan and lo adapters, but no eth0
When I initiated the rig 10 days ago, a eth0 device seemed to be listed up though as you can see on the linked post above.

I attempted to turn off, then this time removing the wifi adapter (a pci card adpater), unplug ethernet, restart the rig.
It stills doesn’t want to pick the Ethernet connection up still.

Worse, after having turned off and put the pci wifi card back on, it won’t reconnect at all. Guess I have to bring a screen in the attic for now.

Let me know how to (re)enable an ethernet interface on Hive OS.


I might have resolved it:
With screen plugged in, I could see that the system wasn’t booting at all with the PCI wifi adapter in.

As soon as I removed it, the mobo beeped the very second after I turn it on and video output was instantly active.

While the rig was working with that PCI card wifi adapter, it was already taking up to 20 seconds to make it to the initial beep when powering it up.

This was a tell-tale that the PCI-card was dying way earlier already I guess.

My stale share was about 2% with wifi and I’m now curious how it will evolve on the next 24h with ethernet. I’ll keep you posted.

The bad thing is that I haven’t that backup wireless connection for now should that powerline-carried ethernet eventually hangs.

hey, did you solve your problem? my rig also doesnt have eth0 interface. how to fix it anyway?

Ethernet is back and my rig is just running without its wifi adapter since