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My E5 2683 V3 Low hashrate on Xmrig-new 0.62 version

I was mining on windows 10 64 bits and goting 5200H/s on Monero with xmrig-New 0.62 version
then try migrate to Hiveos but now goting just 3700 H/s max hashrate with same miner version
Im using unlock turbo bost 3.0GHz all threads mining withou any GPU

Can you help me please?

can you show the beginning of xmrig console when it starts?

Try enabling 1gb pages and setting hugepages to 1248:

also, randomx like all the memory channels populated and it looks like youre only running a single dimm. you should be able to double your hashrate and some by populating the ram more.

Ok will try thanks for help
only on Hiveos we continous learning;;;

when i reduce threads for got low LA dont work LA continue high and hashrate drop 50%

Load Average is just the amount of work the cpu is doing, if youre mining with the cpu its normal to have a LA = how many threads you are using, and isnt an issue in itself unless it continues climbing.

make sure your vrms are kept cool as well as they can cause your cpu to throttle

all but my processor up shares with just all threads, if i reduce 2 threads drop 50%?

Dont have a command for afinity cpu?Im now in dualchannel