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My cpu seams to be loaded but it should not be. Please help me

Hi All,

I am new to Hive OS and wanted to try it on my gaming rig while i am working on the company laptop.
For some reason it is reporting cpu temp quite high and power consumption way over what i expect.
Is this thing mining on my cpu? I have only one worker (phoenix miner non my 1080ti).
I have tested to downgrade and tested several versions but always the same problem.
I hope you can help me.

Your rather CPU rather look badly cooled than overloaded

My Ryzen 3900X ( 12c, 24t ) is 0.01% loaded and 40°C hot while mining with PhoenixMiner

Are you sure paste is correctly applied ?

Hi Ebola57,

Thank you for trying to help. Unfortunately, cooling is not a problem. I am running 8x120 radiators for the CPU and only one 1080ti. I am using liquid metal paste and my temps are solid 38-40 during idle. 60-65 if I push it (mining/encoding). Please see the picture below it seems to work fine in windows. I only reach that sort of temperatures at full load.


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