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My account locked!Help me!

I can’t sign in my account because I forgot my password and I try a lot, so it locked now, what should I do? I saw the solution should supply some account data like rig name, last login IP and time, but I have a lot rig maybe 20, I can’t supply all of them. Can I supply some I know, like 10 rig names maybe. I really need to sign in because there have 13 it’s my customers. Please help me as soon as possible tell me what should I do?

Please send email to support - bee [at]

I’ve been trying to migrate my farm to hive, I was registered, but once I input li/pw I get a white screen saying “ip forbidden” :o

These2weeks I’ve patiently waited for a reply from support at hive but nothing. Can you help me halo G.?..(i joined forum today hoping to find a solution)

If you or someone else is trying to enter an incorrect password several times, the system can recognize this as an attempt to grab an account, and as a consequence blocks this IP address.

Please write to email [email protected] and send the following information to unblock the IP address

  • your login in HiveOS
  • IP address from which you are try to access your account

If you do not know your IP address in this case, you can use one of the following free services:

спасите пожалуйста. пишет ip is forbidden

возможные причины:

  • ваш IP забанен
  • вы включили белый IP список, но сами при этом на динамическом адресе ( это можно делать только если у вас фиксированнный адрес, либо указывать сразу доверенную сеть)

Решение: написать на [email protected]

hello my farm is lock
can you help me ?