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My 6800 doesn’t work

Hi, my rig was mining for 10 days with a 3080 and 5700. I recently bought a 6800 and try to add it to my rig. When I was on Phoenix miner with hive Os it doesn’t recognise my 6800. But when I was on windows with Phoenix miner, the 6800 work.
So I tried tu put Phoenix miner for my nvidia card et teamredminer for my 5700xt and 6800.
It work 5/10 minutes and after it shut down. when i check logs it tell me that

Can someone help me please I don’t how to do now and I really want to mine with all the cards I have
Thanks :wink:

(Btw I can’t go more than 57mhs with the 6800, when I tried more the miner teamredminer shut down

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