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My 3080 Is not Giving me 100 mhs, it is Zotac

Please suggest me best OC Settings and also let me know which pool i should use to mine ethereum, i am very new

Also i installed Gigabyte 250 Fintech it works fine with 9 GPU as soon as i install 10th GPU it stops working.

kindly help me

Also Please help best setting for this RIG too

The temps are too high. You need better cooling.

How much Temperature is Ideal?

Below 50 is a good target.

Best Tipp for you?
Its not a Race… Its a Marathon…

Nearly all Cards are running at too Max settings.
If a Card fails you have won nothig with getting 1 - 3 MHs more out of a Card.

Your 3080 has too hot Memory and too low Watts.

Try getting lower Hashrates. 70% Fan Max for all Cards. And therefore Max Setting with Temperatur not over 75° Memory and 50-55° Core.

Use HWInfo64 under Windows and MSI Afterburner to find the Settings for every Card.
In HWInfo64 you see the Memory Temp.

For Example 3080 in Windows: Set Fan to 70% with Core -500, Memory 950 (Win-Setting) and Powerlimit 80%
Then wait for the Hashrates
Then drop Power until Hashrate drops. Now you know the Real Powerlimit for your Card.
Next increase slightly Memory and wait and watch between settings in HWINFO64 if the Memory Temp raises. When you reach 75-76° stop raising your Memoryclock. Now you have your settings for HiveOS.
Do this with every Card. And you will be max safe for the long term run.


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My 3080’s hash at 96 as long as the environment is controlled. When I close the closet door and the heat can not escape they drop to 87. This has been repeatable. Sometimes, I have to reboot to restore near 100 hash rates. Working to install a vent fan in the closet to pull the hot air outside. I suspect that cooling the larger room with AC cost more than the power draw.

On your 3070’s and 3080, set absolute clock speeds. 1100 on core and 2600 mem seems to be a good sweet spot, if not a starting point. You’ll use less power and get more hashrate.

Thanks, For 3070 your Settings are working like a charm. Getting 62mh/s from each card. however for 3080 same setting is not giving me more than 91.82 while before i had seen 100 for the same.

Also Please give me correct settings for 3090 as it starts from 115 and drop to 79. So it is useless if i am getting 3090 at 79.

#B250FINTECH #gigabyte-b250-fintec which has 12 slots only 9 working, as soon i plug in 10th, there is no display.

okay, i have installed AC for these, lets see if temperature drops. Can U share Some tips to reduce the temperature

Change the thermal pads on the 3080s and maybe the 3090s. There are a lot of YouTube videos on this. It sounds like thermal throttling is occurring.

Both are brand new

i have the seem problem with Msi 3080. but the problem is temperature and i put an air cooler dedicated for it and solve my problem and works on 100mh.

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