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My 3060ti and 3080 overclocks for reference

I’m quite happy with my OC settings and am sharing in case it helps someone else. I had a hard time finding good suggestions for the brand of cards I have. Maybe my search skill stink.

All running stock bios. I did update the 3080 bios to most current and that gave me about 1.5Mh/s more. 3060s running bios out of the box, no updates last I looked.

MSI 3060ti
ASUS 3060ti
eVGA 3080

Correction: I’m bringing my power levels down. Will update.


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thank you for sharing, can you tell us wich miner you are using and is there any invalide or stale share in the last 24h?

Nice to see >63 for the 3060ti’s but still look power-hungry.

I was using Phoenix but tried T-Rex and got an extra Mh/s or two with the switch. As of right now, 99.69%. Cool temps got me an additional 1 Mh/s too. My stale shares are just under 3% but that’s because I’m on wifi and haven’t bothered to run an ethernet cable yet.


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Here are my settings - not all 3080s are born the same, last 3 MSI are all the same model, all different

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what kind of MSI 3080 is this?

All Suprim

Am nevoie de o parere. sunt nou in domeniul mineritului.
Sunt ok setarile pe care le-am facut pentru placile video? Este normal ca ventilatorul sa functioneze la 100%. Ma puteti ajuta cu o parere va rog ? Am atasat si o poza.


I need an opinion. are new to mining.
Are the settings I made for the video cards ok? It is normal for the fan to run at 100%. Can you help me with an opinion please? I also attached a picture

How much do you have this Config working because they recommend not raising the memory much to 3080 because it lacks thermal pads

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