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Hey guys i been using MultiPoolHub for while now with SimpleMining. I would like to move over to Hiveos but for some reason i can never get the MPH strings to work. Not only here i also Struggled on SMOS. I think the 17xxxx port are used for switching coins on the same Algo e.g Ethhash Algo. I know on MPH the string dont have a wallet cause the mined coin goes to the worker name on MPH and then i get paid out in LTC. Please could somebody try to assist me to get a working string in Hiveos.
The working string i use with Claymore10.5 in SMOS is as below :

-epool -ewal JUPIE2008.worker1 -eworker JUPIE2008.worker1 -esm 2 -epsw x -allcoins 1

But if i copy and paste it …i get an error “No pool Specified” or the other error is fail to Authorise …line 2

any help will be much appreciated


Never mind i found out what the problem is … On MPH youdont pay into your wallet if you use the 17xxxx ports so in the wallet space on the hiveos wallet setup you need to add you username.worker instead of wallet adress

RTFM :smiley: )))))

On MPH, Suprnova and other pools with the same working scheme
you must set into “Wallet address” your WebLogin as your wallet address and HiveOS will works fine

My username and worker name is like this example USERNAME1.worker1 in the Multipool Mining Hub worker control panel . those are the details i used to get it to work

I have the same problem. Can anyone pass the correct configuration?

In Mining Pool Hub wallet setup you need to add your Username.workername in the wallets adres box

Hi, awesome looking OS, seems like its making things much easier. I have a rather dumb question though. Is it possible to make this a total noob friendly?

Basically, I’ve been mining on Win10 with awesome miner with profit switching profiles. So, I got a username/worker name of example.miner1 on
MPH. I created a RIG on Hive and named it example.miner1… Now I have to create a wallet on Hive and enter example.miner1 on %EWAL% field and leave the rest as it is “POOL:, WALLET: %EWAL%.%WORKER_NAME%, PSW: x, ESM: 2” except, change port to 17020 to mine on ethash only? Is anything correct so far??? And what do I do with the second coin setting?

Sorry for the dumb questions, its just that this forum is quite messy with all the multiple languages going on, quite hard to search and not very noob friendly so far. Thanks in advance.

You figure it out?

I’m trying to use ethminer on MPH. I’ve got my wallet in HiveOS set as “username”.“workername”, and am using the built in URL’s, but I get the message “worker not authorized tparks99”. I can get other algo’s to work fine on MPH, but not this one. Any suggestions would be appreciated.