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Multiple miner instances both Custom and Release

So those of us getting investments for mining rigs, not a small amount I’m sure, have probably often run into the problem of needing to split profits in a tidy way. I’ve noticed there’s just no decent way of going about doing this.
Using custom miners I can have 2 instances of lolminer for a 4 way profit split per rig, but this isn’t really practical either since it takes time to update and validate functionality, and that profit split goes away if I’m required to use any other miner since lolminer is the only decent software that allows for per pool hashrate splitting.
The problem here is that the flight sheets get extremely messy and a hassle to keep running well.

My suggestion here is that on top of having Custom, can we also have Custom 2 and Custom 3? This would solve pretty much this entire issue. Or just let us name the custom miner different things so we can have as many as possible.

This kind of fix would be really, really fast.

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