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Multiple coin mining (3060 12 GB)


I’ve acquired a few weeks ago a brand new 3060 12GB. Currently, I’m mining CFX at almost 45 M/h with octopus (t-rex). So far, it’s the most profitable one.

Because this card has 12 GB, I want to know if it’s possible to mining another coin at the same time. This comes to my mind because it has 12 GB and there can be more than one DAG on such memory.

Of course, I expect a reduced hashrate, but for me, it’s interesting to diversify the portfolio

It’s possible to achieve? Do I have to use another miner?


You can run multiple miners on the same card.

As an example I ran my 3060 on both eth and octo at the same time for you:

and its eeking out 11.5 eth and 20.5 octo. Really rough to maintain reasonable temps working it that hard and you’d have to play around with the different algo’s to see which might make sense (possibly none).


Wow! Thank you very much for the experiment.
I’ve get your data and put on whattomine, just for make some numbers.
Both combined, putting 60W on each algorithm. I guess that switching from algorithms will requiere some more power. This is $2.57 CFX + ETH without Nicehash comission

Only CFX, running at 48 MH/s is $2,57

Only ETH running at ~50MH/s on windows, with 470.05 drivers. I’ve put an approx. number. This makes $4.45

Definitely, It doesn’t worth it to run multiple algorithms

Thank you very much for the try

Hola encontrastres solcuion para la 3060 12 gb en hive os

Can you do it for just one card only.
Let’s say I have 4 card. I want 3 to run eth and 1 card to do doge

Yes you can configure this in the flightsheets for example card 0,1,2 eth and card 3,4,5 on tube. Click on setup miner config and add some arguments…See this example.

Thank you.
I will do that now and give it a try

No problem. If you press on the “i” info button you can see an example also. Each miners have a different setting to fill in

Is this right.

I’m not sure… as I said, check it with the info button

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