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Multi language posts

Not a HiveOS issue, but it would really help troubleshoot issue if we could read posts in our native language,especially since most of the technical input is in Russian and after taking French 3 times, there’s no way I’m trying to learn Russian LOL.

I see that HiveOS Community is using Discourse, so i assume the single language posts are a limitation of the CMS, it would really help if Discourse support multi-language by implementing a translator component.

How about even coming up with a way to filter by language? Anything other than english is useless to me. And I imagine that’s the way it is for everyone except those few multilingual people - if it’s not in our native language we just get frustrated looking for information

I think there’s some confusion in the CMS community, maybe Discourse is same, that multi-language means being able to post in your own language or read content in your own language, I’m thinking they need to take the next step and use AI translation api from a common service like imTranslator or Google, (preferrably not a google product), I’m willing to follow up on this with Discourse but as I’m not a licensed customer it any enhancement requests should come from a licensed user. It just feels like this method of community communication is outdated and there is certainly tech out there that offers a solution, just need the Discourse developers to make the effort.

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