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MSR Mod in Hiveos for Ryzen 3900x and XMRig

How do we enable run as admin in hiveos for CPU mining? need to enable MSR mod and to do so it needs admin to run huge pages is simple and just done in the miner config but not sure where to add a Sudo command if needed. To mine XMR properly with a 3900x you need huge pages and the MSR mod.

I think that MSR is on by default without any SU, SUDO etc magic. You don’t see msr status on miner start?

agree get the full huge pages loaded and the MSR mod line is gone which it would tell you if its not applied but is still something weird going on in windows I get 15130 hashs if I don’t run as admin and get the failed to apply msr mod I get the same 12400 hashs and that’s what I get in hiveos so that’s what makes me guess it has something to do with admin or MSR not applying right.

Why not just get a 32-core threadripper? It’ll do 32khash on XMrig. I think a 64-core, though pricier, will do far more.

Also, you can get a threadripper mobo that will support multiple full-spank X16 lane pci-e card slots.

Do you have 1GB pages on in linux?

ill have to set it up on hive again and see but 1167 Huge pages and the 1gb page in windows says unavailable. will need to see what it all says again in hiveos but think everything was the same as windows. But in Hive it hashs like if you did not run in in admin in windows. 12400 linux vs 15130 windows.

1GB pages are for linux only. I have to modified config file to turn it on. I don’t understand why is hasharate in Windows higher too.

upon further trial and error xmrig-MO fork is the issue its horrible lol xmrig itself throws me up to 15300 hashs on xmr and to run to moneroocean you gotta run a custom miner. thanks guys.

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