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MSI Z690-A PRO ethernet LAN and 12 GPU on HiveOS?

Was trying to connect this [MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 motherboard with i712700KF cpu and 16GB ram to hiveos via ethernet LAN connection and no luck. Used beta HiveOs (works with Z590-A pro motherboard and 2.5 LAN) version [hiveos-0.6-210-beta and no luck. Was only able to connect via wifi TP-link dongle. Connects fine and works. I wonder if anyone was able to connect in HiveOs this motherboard via LAN ethernet 2.5.

Also, how many GPUs can it handle? 11 max?

I’ve tried connecting 12 GPU to this board with no luck.

11 GPUs works fine mining.
Does anyone have luck connecting more than 11 GPUs to this z690 motherboard? I would love to see the set up or if you could share how.

Update, 11 Gpus OK, can only use WIFI still cant figure what with LAN support. Maybe next hiveos-beta will?