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MSI Z690-A PRO ethernet LAN and 12 GPU on HiveOS?

Was trying to connect this [MSI PRO Z690-A DDR4 motherboard with i712700KF cpu and 16GB ram to hiveos via ethernet LAN connection and no luck. Used beta HiveOs (works with Z590-A pro motherboard and 2.5 LAN) version [hiveos-0.6-210-beta and no luck. Was only able to connect via wifi TP-link dongle. Connects fine and works. I wonder if anyone was able to connect in HiveOs this motherboard via LAN ethernet 2.5.

Also, how many GPUs can it handle? 11 max?

I’ve tried connecting 12 GPU to this board with no luck.

11 GPUs works fine mining.
Does anyone have luck connecting more than 11 GPUs to this z690 motherboard? I would love to see the set up or if you could share how.

Update, 11 Gpus OK, can only use WIFI still cant figure what with LAN support. Maybe next hiveos-beta will?

I also have an MSI pro z690, but the screen goes black after HIVEOS prompt.
Is there anybody that can help me? Thanks in advance.

I was finally able to start MSI Z690-A pro and mine on HiveOS with 2.5gb Ethernet by installing new HiveOS stable version. Works pretty good abs I am happy with the settings. Didn’t change any bios setting other than power on after power restore.

I wasn’t able to make it work. At all. Would you please tell me if bios settings by default should work? Is there anything important to change to make it boot? I just can’t get pass the hiveos boot screen.
Edit: Flashed the last BIOS version, tested RAM OK, latest hiveOS version on a USB 32gb.

@andrey20 , IT WORKS. For some reason, in my particular case, seems to be booting OK only from the red USB, back at the i/o panel of the mobo (MSI Pro z690-A DDR4), AND wi-fi only.
Hope this helps for the community:
BIOS updated to the last version. Default values (changed to IGD and power on after power restore)
HiveOS last stable version.
Usb burnt with ETCHER, once finished, assign a letter to the first partition, load CONF.
Ready to GO.

Only from red USB port, the others just didn’t work for me. Via Wi-fi. Ehternet not working for some reason despite having the last HiveOS version.

My fist experience with HiveOS on MSI z690-A pro was not best about 2 month ago, with 1 or 11 GPU was able to mine only via WIFI. Was not able to connect to LAN. Now I purchased MSI Z690-A pro again about a week ago, and works fine via USB and LAN with no BIOS settings at all. The. I changed to power on setting after power restored that my typical setting on all of my rigs. So it worked for me with just standard BIOS settings restored to the factory. I used 12700K i7 processor this time. Last time I used 12700F and LAN didn’t work. I Don’t think processor has anything to do with it. I need to check my bios version.
See settings below
Uploading: 762B150C-5B88-41CA-96AE-655B8ECA6CC8.jpeg…

Thank you for sharing your experience @andrey20 . Check out your bios version is 1.10. I got 1.30, may be yours runs better (eventhough mine is a later version)

I can try to update BIOS later but I don’t think it will effect the work of the rig but I’m interested to check it out. I think last time when I was not able to connect to LAN with this MB because I flashed USB and was trying to USE existing miner(worker) and beta version . This time I started all from scratch with new worker and fresh CONFIG file abs new stable HiveOS version . But cannot confirm since I returned that MB cuz I thought it not working with HiveOS via LAN yet. This time HiveOS is newer and stable version and works fine.

Some tips, just to start easier with this mobo.
Save changes and reboot. Allow rig to boot completely with just one GPU, then add more.

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