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MSI Z170A Gaming M7/5 How many GPUs?

So, I have 3 of these Boards. Two are M5 and one is M7.
With a PCIe 4x USB Hub on the main PCIe Slot I am currently running 9 Cards per Board.
I tried adding 10th card and it was recognized but the rig crashed. Since I had 4GB RAM on the board and I read another thread where missing RAM was addressed as the problem, I will try and put 16GB RAM on the Board to make sure it’s not the RAM.

I’m qurious, does anyone have a similar board and is running more than 9 cards?

I was actually hoping to get a total of 16 cards running on that board which in theory would work with 3 of those USB Hubs attaching 4 cards each and then there’s still 4 of the small 1x PCIe Slots left for the last 4 cards.

Hi, can you tell me your bios version and bios settings. Tried to connect 6 gpus to the mobo but only 3 were recognized as normal. But the rest of them was recognized as (g 106-100) or something like that

BIOS Version is latest, dunno the version but date is 26th 06 2018.
You need to activate 4G decoding, other settings don’t seem to be to have an impact on performance. I can tell settings later tho.

That would be absolutely perfect

Just tried to get a 10th GPU running and I fail…
My brother had 12 cards running on this board.

Whatever. I checked the settings and basically you just need to enable 4G Decoding. Everything else can be pretty much disabled. Pci Gen can be left in auto mode.

What cards and miner are you using?

I have 8 RTX 3060 running on this board
7 connected through PCIE lanes and 1 on M.2 slot

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