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MSI VEGA 56 - GPU Driver Error

Hi , I am new to mining and have got the following rig up and running and is quite stable

Asrock h110 pro btc+
5 RX 570 (3 XFX and 2 Saphire)
PSU 2x EVGA 1000W

I have just installed an MSI Vega 56 which is recognised but gives the message " Radeon RX Vega 56 8176M · MSI Unknown Memory 0-0 xxx-xxx-xxxunknown memory

I am using XMR-Stak and once it starts to try and mine I get another error message

“GPU Driver error, no temps” and no mining commences

In the OC profile I have left 0 for mem, core and fan since I read this can cause an issue

I am using the latest version of HiveOS as it updated this evening

Any guidance much appreciated as don’t know what to try next!

Thanks a lot

Unfortunatly the support for Vega-56 on Hive is very limited, I would recommend to start and use your Vega(s) on a separate rig running hiveos Vega distro: Vega distro.
I have tried before to run mixed rig with rx570 cards with vega-56 and only got problems, now its “somewhat” working on a separate rig (fewer issues but not optimal if you ask me…)

Thanks a lot for

Hi, thanks a lot for your reply, in the end I switched to MSOS which has Support for Vegas but I haven’t an abandoned Hjve completely, cheers

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