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MSI rx5700 MECH OC (non XT) vBios flash from within HiveOS


I Hiveos community!! First of all english is not my language… sorry if I have some errors in my writing. I’ve just build my first rig with MSI rx5700 MECH OC and I’ve see a lot of videos of people flashing the XT vbios version to this non XT GPUs to improve performance; but all of them do that job with CPU-Z and a flasher utility for windows. My question is… can I use HiveOS to flash the vBios for this cards?? I’m going to use Red Bios Editor in windows but I want to use HiveOS tu flash the vBios. I’ve already done this in a Radeon RX580 following a video of SavageMine on youtube and it works perfeclty. Thanks in advance!!

You can use HiveOS to download your original BIOS from your GPU.
Then mod it on a remote computer used MPT and RBE.
After that you can upload your modified bios to your GPU using HiveOS too.

No need to use windows for this, only to change values with MPT and RBE.

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Thank you very much @lafuente!!! That was exactly what I wan’t to know!!
I’m new in this forum… do I have to mark the post as “Solved”??

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