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MSI RX570 8gb - Seek higher hashrate or keep lower watts? #efficiency

I’ve got my 10 MSI RX570s (Samsung memory, Polaris 1-click bios mod on v1.7.5) running stable on the below config, but I’m curious as to whether I should seek a higher hashrate with lower efficiency? I can get up to 31MH/s but it’s chewing power at that rate and often unstable (lotsa invalids).

  • Current efficiency @320 kH/J (292 MH/s x1000W / 900W)
  • Alternate efficiency @ 272 kH/J (300 MH/s x1000W / 1100W

Q:Anybody been able to get these cards up to those power levels without risking stability?
Q: Should I seek higher hashrate with lower efficiency?

Any help much appreciated!

Side Q: if all cards are identical and I want to bios mod- do I still have to do each one separately or can I mod one and use for all cards?


I use vddc/menvcc/i forget this Parma but it will show on hovels as 850/850/850 it will lower the watt to 72.

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